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Metal stools, exposed brick walls, and old-world charm—the industrial interior is a blend of modern facets and rustic aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for the working millennial.

So, if you want to refurbish your apartment with an industrial interior, follow these six tips:

Dusky Palette

Set the ambiance of your apartment by painting your walls with industrial-inspired colors such as ivory white, classic gray, and deep charcoal. What’s good about working with a neutral palette is that it creates a grungy look but maintains a level of elegance at the same time.

What specific colors should you use? If you want to create a soft look for your apartment, choose a soft beige or classic gray color for your walls. If you’re going to establish a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, choose light charcoal or burnt ember. However, you might also want to try a deep sable if you’re going to achieve a bold yet luxurious aesthetic for your loft.

Aside from that, you can install exposed brick walls in selected areas of your apartment, preferably near your kitchen or lounging area. That balances out the dominant neutral tones in your space. Brick walls can blend well with your dark palette and give that rustic touch to your home. Brick walls are also an excellent addition to your interior because they add texture to the smooth finish of your neutral-colored walls.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your flooring, if you’re aiming for a more laid-back and homey ambiance, you can use wooden floorboards. But if you want to go for a bona fide warehouse look, use cement flooring with a polished finish.

Balanced Textures

What makes the industrial interior alluring is the exciting mix of wood and metal elements. Wood and metal combined provide a rich contrast of colors and textures in your apartment, blending urban life with vintage imagery.

But don’t forget to balance out the elements of your house, from your upholstery down to your flooring. For example, if you have thin beige walls, opt for a charcoal gray flooring. Meanwhile, if you own a pecan-colored cotton couch, make use of a textured rug in moss green. Luckily, since you’re using a neutral color scheme, you can easily mix and match your home elements.

Pipe Dreams

The signature element of an industrial interior is always the exposed steel pipes in the ceiling. Reminiscent of 19th-century factory architecture, steel pipes add a vintage charm to your apartment.

To make your place look more dynamic, you can install pipes and ducts with varying sizes. If you’re used to bare ceilings, these decors would be an interesting addition to your interior. Not only are they stunning accents, but they are also durable home decors.

However, exposed ceiling pipes are not the only steel accents in industrial-style interiors. There are also furniture pieces such as metal stools, industrial-inspired shelves, and steel coffee tables that can serve as valuable decorations in your warehouse-style apartment.

Inviting Lighting

Industrial-inspired lighting is an element you should not forget when redesigning your loft. With its ultra-modern design, it adds an element of elegance to your place.

To make your kitchen space more enchanting, you can put hanging lighting fixtures right above your dining table. These chic chandeliers will help give off a soft, warm glow to the area.

Meanwhile, if you want to establish an atmosphere of relaxation in your living area, you can put at least two metal floor lamps. If you enjoy lounging on your couch reading a book or soaking up interesting facts, you need to get one of these.

For added illumination, you can also install LED spotlights on your ceilings. The ideal place to put your spotlights is right above your brick wall. This light arrangement will make your apartment a total showstopper — especially at nighttime — as it highlights the intricacies of your accent wall.

Wide Windows

The industrial interior wouldn’t be complete without big window panes. Loft-type windows bring natural illumination to your place, injecting that much-indeed vibrancy to your interior’s neutral color palette.

The elegant and slender lines of loft-type windows also capture that old-world architecture. But don’t forget to paint the metal structure of your windows with gray or black to make it more arresting, especially at daylight. If you’re interested, there are also industrial window frames you can use for your shower area and other parts of your apartment.

Eclectic Furniture

minimalist bedroom

Finding industrial-inspired furniture pieces for your apartment is easy. There are plenty of online stores that specialize in industrial home elements. You can find black lacquered consoles that give a luxurious feel to your living room. There are also attractive wooden console designs if you want to achieve a rustic living room vibe.

When choosing sofas, choose those with refined structures and neutral tones. To make your apartment visually appealing, pick out furniture pieces in different shapes and sizes. The great thing about the industrial interior is that it’s not big on uniformity; it’s all about contrast!

The same goes for fabrics. It’s better to choose furniture with varying upholstery. From linen, wool, to leather, you can all use these elements to achieve an industrial-like aesthetic

If you find a sense of comfort in living in a space with an urban semblance and vintage climate, then industrial interior design is perfect for you.

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