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The French are known for their effortlessly chic style, not only in the way they dress but also in how they decorate their houses. Their home interiors are timeless and crisp while still evoking that cozy atmosphere. How do they do it?

Here are some design elements you can adopt to make your home feel like the setting of a French film.

Something old, something new

Mix vintage furniture with more modern features to recreate that shabby chic French style. Pieces like ornate vanity mirrors, classic lounge sofas, and even  decorative garden antiques add sophistication to your house. Adding contemporary features will give that balance to prevent your rooms from looking stuffy or pretentious.

To achieve this, you can try placing vintage hardcover books on a sleek bookcase or pairing modern chairs with a traditional dining table.

Golden glow

Incorporate gold touches in your interiors to achieve that luxurious yet subtle vibe typical of French design. The gold color also meshes well with your antique pieces. Hang a large mirror with an intricate gold frame above the fireplace or get a chaise lounge with gold trimming to give your living room that Aurelian glow.

Wide, open spaces

Try to keep the number of your furniture to a minimum to make your home appear wider. You also have to consider the natural flow of traffic in your house. Analyze how you move around the rooms and position your furniture accordingly.

master bedroom design

To give the illusion of a bigger living space, you can install floor-to-ceiling windows. Allowing natural light to filter into your home will give it a fresh atmosphere. You can also consider having open doorways for the main rooms to give your house the illusion of a continuous, wider space.

Soft color palettes

French interiors are usually in pastel or different shades of white. Having a neutral palette as a base will make it easier for you to choose your furniture and decorate the interior of your house. Aside from being easy on the eyes, white walls can also make your living space appear bigger.

Contrasting colors and textures

To balance out your white walls, add colorful little details to give your house a burst of life. You can try getting small decorative pieces, like a black wall clock or a green succulent placed by the windowsill.

You can also get furniture in different textures to keep from making your house look too bland and stiff. Try pairing dark velvet curtains with a white faux fur carpet to get a nice contrast. These variations in texture and color will give your house that casual, “undone” charm that is both homey and stylish.

Inspiring art installations

Nothing is more French than thought-provoking art. Hang interesting paintings that can serve as conversation starters to complete your Parisian-style home. Apart from illustrations, you can also consider getting bust statues and other sculptures.

You can adopt an overall French theme for your house or you can just incorporate a few elements in certain rooms. Either way, you can build upon these tips and create the design you want for your home.

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