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When customers look at product labels online, they want to see things that grab their attention. Kids are often more attracted to colorful and action-packed labels while adults may want something more sober and straight to the point. Products that grab attention are the type that moves fast.

This isn’t just an observation from shop-happy consumers either. The right type of packaging can increase sales, build customer loyalty, and promote a brand.

Packaging Increases Sales

Packaging is a safety precaution for your products and a marketing technique at the same time. Original packaging will drive customers to pick your product in the split-second they take to browse brands in grocery aisles or online stores.

Making the mechanics of your packaging simple and functional with a hint of quirkiness will help customers enjoy the process of unboxing your products. Crafty products that make it to unboxing videos on various platforms have a chance of enjoying a little sales boost from the publicity—all generated by the way they were packaged.

Packaging Builds Customer Loyalty

Good, flawless, and “gift-like” packaging makes 61 percent of customers want to buy from your brand again. That’s more than half of one-time customers possibly turning into repeat customers. Keep things looking gorgeous, revolve your packaging around seasons, and customers will have all the reasons to keep coming back.

So what can you do to your packaging to attract more customers?

Protect the Product

Packaging must protect your product. Egg cartons are a perfect example of protective packaging. They keep the eggs secure and upright while leaving enough space up top for logos and in the material for innovation and distinction.

Protective packaging may also be employed within the item’s main packaging. Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and thick wads of paper are commonly used to cushion sensitive items, such as motherboards.

Easy Transportation

Tape gun and packaging materials

Egg cartons are largely uniform in shapes and sizes to allow people to stack them up easily. Ergonomic shapes allow groceries to stock more of your product; while it’s tempting to make crazy shapes with egg cartons for fun, a quirky but unintuitive design will go against your product’s best interests.

Inform Customers

Uniqueness is important to distinguish your product from the rest of the pack, but don’t forget to make it recognizable as what it is. You don’t want customers mistaking your shampoo brand for body wash, or cleansing soap as detergent. Make your product’s use obvious on the label, so grabbing it would be second nature to your customers.

In the age of savvy customers, providing an accurate list of ingredients or nutritional content on the back of your products is also crucial. Avoid crushing customer feedback by being honest. Don’t make the fat content of your whipping cream ambiguous; show consumers how low calorie your diet bars really are, and they may stick to your product.

Distinguish Your Brand

The soap shaped like fruits, the jelly drink with the cool bottle, that kit with packaging you can reuse—you want your product to be short-handed like this, recognizable even when using vague terms. Your product’s packaging is your first chance at getting the attention of your target customers.

Proper packaging is a great way of advertising your products and its capabilities. Smart entrepreneurs know that their products’ packaging must reflect their quality and vice versa.

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