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Photography is an art. It requires years of practice and stocking enough knowledge to improve your craft. Some people can take good photos using their smartphones. But if you are going to pursue a career in photography, you should invest in professional photography equipment. For one thing, taking photos can be more than just a simple hobby — it can even be one of your major sources of income.

There are different photo subjects you can practice on. Some can be easy to photograph, while others can be a little challenging such as wildlife and jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, there are ways you can learn how to edit jewelry in a photograph. Practicing photography take several trials and errors, but the lessons along the way will surely be worth the final output.

Contrary to popular belief, jewelry photography can be challenging. It can be more complicated to do, unlike taking photos of people or other kinds of subjects. For one, jewelry can be reflective when photographed due to its natural shine. Most jewelry is smaller and more challenging to photograph.

Here are some important tips to make your jewelry photography a breeze and hassle-free as possible.

1. Don’t make your background look “too busy.”

Jewelry already looks elegant and classic on its own. That is why it may be unnecessary to use colorful backgrounds and additional accessories when taking jewelry photos. Instead, it is better to use a plain white background in a jewelry photo shoot. The white background will help in highlighting the jewelry’s natural beauty and luster. Plus, digital editing can be easier when used with white background.

2. Use minimal props.

In relation to the previous tip, avoid using too many props in jewelry photography. This can shift away from the focus from the jewelry to the props instead. As mentioned, use white background so that the natural beauty of the jewelry will come out.

3. Focus on the product.

Avoid taking cropped product photos and low-aperture shots. It looks unprofessional and does not give justice to the actual product. Experts advise setting the aperture at f/11 or more and around ISO 100.

4. Lessen the glare and reflections.

Jewelry’s shiny material is one of the most challenging aspects of jewelry photography. To avoid the presence of reflections, place a studio light on both sides. Block the light off using umbrellas. Place the white paper under and behind the jewelry as well as the bottom of the camera’s lens.

5. Use a tripod when taking photos.

To avoid blurs and shaking, it is recommended to use a tripod when taking photos. You can buy one online and in photo stores near you. It can also help you take more professional-looking photos and adjust settings when needed.

6. Take multiple shots.

Take photos of the product in multiple angles for better customer appreciation. This can also help establish trust between you and your clients. The more photos you share, the more it can ignite the interest of customers. In return, it can lead to inquiries and purchase.

7. Master your editing skills.

Poor Photoshop skills can put customers off and can make the product look substandard. If you have time, invest time and resources to learn Photoshop editing skills. You can also hire professional editors to help in photo editing.

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