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Swimming is a skill that everyone should learn, and the good news is, for anyone who hasn’t learned to swim yet, there are swim lessons available for people of all ages. That includes, as that attached video shows, swimming lessons for infants, which is also often the best time to teach someone to swim. Think about, not only the lifetime of fun playing in the water with the comfort of knowing how to swim, but also the safety aspect of being able to swim. Too often, we hear stories of people, and often children, falling into the water who are unable to swim.

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Sadly, many of those narratives would have and could have ended differently.

For parents and guardians of infants, there are also many ways to help infants build and learn swimming skills, and it is important to practice outside of swimming classes. Swimming, like many skills, becomes easier and people become better with practice and repetition. So, spend time playing in the water and bathtub. Practice kicking or holding your breath. Additionally, this extra time in and around the water breeds familiarity, which makes the water less intimidating and comfortable to be in. Soon, with a few lessons and some practice, your little one may or may not be the next Gold Medal swimmer, but they will be able to swim.

It is important to practice outside of swimming class.

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