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Images are must-haves in websites. They make colors pop. They improve the aesthetics of the page. They’re a visual treat (that is, of course, if you do them right). But images are more than pretty additions to your online platform — they can very well influence the people visiting your site, making them more interested in what you have to offer or convincing them to ‘add to cart’ altogether. Here are the specific ways photos influence customers:

They command attention.

People are naturally drawn to images. That’s because the brain is wired to interpret visual information as one sees it. Even before they read through the copies in the site, your customers’ eyes are on the photos, trying to make sense of it. But the thing is, although images command attention, they can only do so much in sustaining it. If your photos aren’t relevant to the brand or at least the website name, you’ll quickly lose your customers. They’ll click back to the search results page faster than they landed on your site. So as much as you’re asking how you can grab the attention of web users, you should also be thinking about how you can sustain it. Are your photos informative of what your website is about; will users be so intrigued that they’ll stay and explore further your page? Perhaps you can arrange for a small case study among your target market, evaluating how their attention span pans out while on your website.

They evoke emotion.

Photos also have this power to build an emotional connection to web visitors. The different elements in the image make this possible. The colors, the ‘characters’ or the models, the setting, the over-all mood. It’s like a story encapsulated in a single scene. Given this, when you plan your product shoots, it’s essential to ask which emotions you would want web visitors to feel when they look at your images. And the answer will depend largely on the kind of brand personality you want to put forward out there. For instance, an athleisure brand embodies courage and adventure, so their photos are supposed to make people feel daring and brave. A jewelry company promotes sophistication; thus, their images should make people aspire to elegance. Take a good look again at your product photos and see how they’re evoking emotions. You never know, maybe it’s time to recalibrate your product shoots and consider professional image enhancement services.

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They build credibility.

There’s an air of believability when you have professionally made photos on your website. That’s important not just for improving your reputation in the eyes of customers, but also for persuading them that you’re the real deal. That you’re legit. This is most crucial when yours is an e-commerce site, where real purchase transactions happen on the platform itself. Although people have become more confident in buying off the internet, you still have to prove yourself credible to convince them to trust you with their financial information and check out successfully. In short, professional photos can contribute to increased conversions. So take a good look again at the images on your site. If you’re a potential customer, would you feel at ease with buying off that platform?

The Value of Photos on Your Website

Again, the images on your page can sustain interest, build an emotional connection, and compel people to do actual business with you. So, the question stands: are the photos on your website effective?

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