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proposal photoWe take photographs so we can express our creativity, tell stories, and save important moments for posterity. People from all walks of life have picked up photography for all sorts of reasons. It could be a mother documenting their child’s journey, a traveler who wants to hold on to memories of their trips, or a journalist covering current events.

Brands make use of photos to promote their products and services as well. They invest in photography services for advertising campaigns and marketing material. Whether you just bought your first camera or you’re looking to refresh your skills, the following guidelines will help you take better photos:

1. Hold your camera properly

One of the first things you should learn is how to hold a camera correctly. If your camera moves too much while you’re taking photos, the resulting images will be blurry. One way to combat camera shake is to use a tripod, but you only need to use one if you’re shooting in low-light scenarios.

Other people have their own style of holding a camera, but an excellent place to start is to hold the body with both hands. Use your right hand to hold the right side of the body and position your left hand under the lens for weight support. Keep the camera close to your body to minimize movement.

2. Adjust the white balance

White balance affects the color accuracy of your images. Each type of light has its own characteristics, so if you don’t adjust the balance for a particular situation, the image colors might take on a different hue or temperature.

While you can adjust the white balance in post-processing, the work could get a bit monotonous if you have to fix dozens or even hundreds of photos. To minimize the work that needs to be done, adjust the white balance before taking pictures.

3. Experiment with perspective

proposal photo

One way to make your photos look more visually appealing is to play with perspective. There are many ways to approach a single scene, and adopting different angles can make for different looks. Capturing your subject from different angles also affects the overall feel of the image.

4. Learn the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important concepts in photography. The idea is an image is more dynamic and exciting if it isn’t too symmetrical or centered. When taking a photo, divide the scene into nine sections like a grid. Instead of placing your subject in the center of the image, you could position them along the lines.

5. Tone down the flash

Abuse of the camera’s flash can lead to harsh lighting and unattractive effects like poor contrast and red eyes. Some people avoid the flash altogether and increase the ISO instead. There might be situations where you may need to use the flash, however, such as low-light scenarios. To soften the light that comes out, you can use cover the flash with a piece of paper or tape.

These pointers will help you take better images with your camera. Most importantly, take lots of photos and don’t forget to have fun. If you’re not enjoying your time with your camera, then you might want to rethink your approach to photography.

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