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There is no right or wrong way to say goodbye to anyone. Maybe your friend is moving out or stepping up on the corporate ladder. Perhaps he or she wants to spend some time alone for now and reflect. From the simplest to the most complicated reasons, farewells are nothing but an inescapable part of life. Although they can be unpleasant, they should not have to be mortifying.

When a great employee decides to move on, for example, facing the situation can be challenging. Although you want to deal with it swiftly, the best thing to do is to exhibit grace and acknowledge the contributions that the person has brought to the company.

Why saying goodbye is crucial to the organisation

Though bidding farewell to a former employee is difficult, choosing to go with drastic measures will only make the situation problematic. It often creates hostility between the company and the remaining employees. Thus, creating a negative impression on the culture that the company is trying to build.

If you want to create a positive image in your business, giving your subordinates a proper send-off party is the right thing to do. This gives you an excellent opportunity to slow down and appreciate their efforts. But what if other employees do not reasonably like their colleague who is leaving?

Businesses now tapping in the art of bidding farewell

There are times when you cannot choose the people you will be working with, which leads you to leave the organisation entirely. Coincidentally, a few businesses are more than willing to act as if they have worked with you for years but only for a fee.

employee packing up his things

A business establishment in Japan is offering to plan a farewell party for their clients in case no one wants to hold a party for you. The idea came in upon hearing a few stories from their customers saying that they had left a job but had no one to hold a send-off party for them.

The price range is between $36 and $45, and this includes a seven-course meal. Although they do not offer any Z card printing, like this business in the UK, the restaurant offers a card that contains all the farewell greetings that you would probably like to hear.

How to say goodbye

Bidding farewell can be draining, but it is crucial to learn how to manage it by making it meaningful. After all, endings are emotional experiences. It is highly advisable to express your emotions instead of choosing to bottle it up. Any unexpressed feelings will only leave you with a lack of closure, as if an actual ending did not happen. Even more, it will heighten your sense of regret felt by those who are left behind.

Some people handle the same situation differently. So, expect that some are going to feel more emotional compared to others. It is crucial to acknowledge their emotions instead of making fun of them. If people start to become teary, let them be. Meanwhile, it is also okay if others feel the opposite.

The main point of bidding farewell to a colleague and a friend is acceptance. Although every person has his or her own way of handling emotions, it is common to feel a sense of emptiness once reality starts to sink in. That is why it is crucial to see it in a different light and be happy with their new beginnings.

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