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The funny thing about rental spaces is that everything is just as transient as the tenant. If you yourself are leasing your current living space, then you’d know the feeling – you’re not allowed to do much renovation and remodeling. As long as you’re bare necessities are in order, then you’re good to go.

But who says you can’t make your rental place look luxurious? After choosing your potential tenant, feel free to let a professional interior decorator in Utah redecorate your place with non-permanent pieces of furniture. This will allow your unique personality to shine! Here are some styling strategies:

Fitting for life

The first thing on everyone’s minds when filling a rental space is what kind of furnishings they should get. Should they install fitted furnishings, or should they let the tenant set up freestanding pieces of furniture themselves?

Depending on the type of client you’re marketing to, you might want to fit basic storage spaces into your rental home. Assess the size of the rooms and see if you can mount a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in the bedroom, a well-designed vanity in the bathroom, or cupboards in the kitchen.

You can also purchase bed frames with built-in storage underneath. Bring in ample and versatile sofa sets that can last for years, as well as kitchen staples such as an electric kettle, a microwave oven, and a cooker.

Simple but sleek

In terms of design, the point is not to personalize the space too much. How the house is furnished will still fall unto the tenant who will be leasing it for the long term. Keep it simple yet stylish. Some accent pieces that you can add to make your design pop are doors, mirrors, tables, curtains, carpets, and lamps.

Paint the walls and ceiling with a bright shade so that more natural light can disperse within the room. It might be better to install blinds instead of window curtains to save cleaning time. Put up pieces of art that comply with your preferred design. Revamp the bathroom so that it feels new, glaze the tiles, fix the sink, and install an exquisite shower curtain.

Space-saving furniture

small space

But what about the other necessary pieces of furniture?

The trick to adding more pieces that increase the value of your property is to make them multi-functional. Even if future tenants prefer buying or bringing in their own furnishings, saving money and time by already having multi-purpose pieces will always be an attractive alternative. If your space comes with a modular sofa bed, mirror tables, a multi-mode cooker, or ottomans that also double as storage, then can tenants really complain?

Another point of having multi-functional furnishings is that they don’t take up too much space. Space-saving furniture such as foldable dining tables, wall-mounted beds, and collapsible shelves give your tenants the liberty to do more with their space.

Temporary but tough

All your renovation and designing efforts should be geared towards longevity. You want the place to stay pristine for as long as possible. One way to make sure of this is to fit it with furnishings that can easily be cleaned. You can leave a ready-to-use vacuum for your tenants.

Durable, stain-proof, and wear-resistant surfaces, covers, and floorings should withstand constant touch, weight, and use. Also, don’t forget to install a smoke alarm and ensure that all your things comply with the fire code. Reinforce the roof to prevent leaks and implement safety and emergency protocols for your client.

Being a great owner means providing the best possible space for your tenants. Make sure to discuss regulations regarding renovations for a hassle-free experience for both of you.

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