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Babies are such huge blessings to parents. Thus, it makes sense that parents want to preserve as many memories of their little ones as possible. Utah newborn photographers can definitely relate. Parents would want to do it at home, in a studio, on a rolling meadow, during a picnic – everywhere!

However, taking a photo of a newborn isn’t just pointing and shooting. It involves tons of preparation, the kind that can stress you out as parents if you aren’t prepared enough. If you feel a little lost, let this list guide you through your first photoshoot.

For the photographer

You might not be thinking of the peg, but you’re bound to prepare just as much when you’re the newborn photographer.

First, you need to have the right gear, regardless if it’s an indoor or on-site shoot. Aside from portrait cameras, lenses, and memory cards, you should have pertinent props like a step stool, toys, and waterproof pads for when the baby gets grubby.

Prior to the photoshoot, make sure to set the right expectations with the client. Tell them how well you can fulfill their preferences based on their budget or how you can further improve their idea from the photographer’s standpoint. Meet halfway.

A good way to do this is to spend time with the parents prior to the session. While this can be time-consuming for a professional photographer, it helps build rapport and gives you a glimpse of what you’ll be expecting from the shoot.

For the parent

sleeping baby

Now, if you’re the parent, then it’s all about managing the array of tasks set out for you.

The very first thing is timing. Schedule the photoshoot ASAP! Parents usually hold the session within the first two to three weeks of the baby so that they’re still calmer and relatively easier to control.

Set a definite location for the shoot. This will involve evaluating how beautiful the place is, how warm it is for the baby, and how much space you need for other family members. Always choose a place that has ample access to natural light to get a more majestic set of photos.

The session won’t be a stroll in the park! Optimistically, it takes three to four hours, but it’s best to assume it’s going to be a day-long affair. Thus, make sure to set ample breaks not only to feed the baby but also to keep everyone else rested.

Lastly, inform everyone you’d like to participate: family members, distant relatives, and more. Make sure they know your theme and that they follow it.

For the baby

Preparing your baby for their first photo shoot is quite simple since the bulk of the work goes into the duration of the shoot itself. Nonetheless, these things are not to be overlooked. Your baby should be well-fed and rested hours before the session. By the time it starts, they should be awake and alert to see what’s going on.

Don’t dress them up just yet! You don’t know how long the photographer – or your family, for that matter – will have to set up the location and the scene. Moreover, make sure that the props and wardrobe you’ve prepared are easy to wear and take off so that the baby doesn’t feel too agitated.

Preparing for your newborn’s photography session is key to ensuring that you have more time to live in the moment! As long as everyone is on board, you can expect that the session will pull through without a hitch!

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