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The ceremony is the solemn part of the wedding. Guests can turn misty-eyed or have goosebumps as couples declare their love. But the reception? That is a very different thing. A wedding reception must spell fun and comfort for the guests. How can this happen? What things must a couple consider to have an enjoyable reception?

Search for Good Music

Music is the life of the party. Select songs that everyone can relate to. You might have your personal favorites, but you have to ask yourself if your guests will like it too. A professional wedding DJ for your Tampa wedding is an essential help in this aspect. Have someone that can follow your list. But, get someone intuitive enough to insert good selections, too. They must know how to read the crowd and deliver good music that everyone will enjoy.

If you have a band, make sure that they have excellent filler music for their breaks. You would not want the mood in the reception to go down because of an interruption in the flow of music. Lastly, make sure that your music is at the proper volume. Moderate during the meal, but don’t drown conversations. Lively during the dances to keep your guests excited.

Select Great Food

The food is one of the elements of your wedding that will be remembered for a long time. It is customary to have three-course meals served to guests. But you can also opt for other alternatives that will add excitement. For one, instead of heavy meals, you can have a continuous serving of finger foods and cocktails. Tacos, pizza, or hors d’oeuvres can do the trick. Creative caterers can serve these selections in fancy ways.

Another great idea is to have create-your-own-food stations. Here, guests will have the liberty to choose flavors and ingredients. Examples are sandwiches or sushi. Your guests will get satisfaction from having food to their preferences.


Set a Well-planned Seating Arrangement

Your seating arrangement will spell awkwardness or comfort. You must be very thoughtful when preparing your seat plans. Have guests that know each other close to each other. You might have friends who do not have many acquaintances at your wedding. Put them with people that they have something in common with. Be considerate also to put guests with kids where they can quickly move their baby equipment.

Surprise Guests

A wedding reception is a time for a couple to show their personalities. Give your guests some surprises by having a special first dance. You can also have customized wedding favors. Do not go for the boring and generic ones.

Have them experience a wonderful ending to a reception party. There are creative ways to make your guests part of a unique send-off. Also, a grand display of fireworks will cap off a perfect night.

Shorten Waiting or Idle Time

Your guests are very eager to celebrate with you. But their mood can be altered when they experience many downtimes. One example is the gap between the ceremony and the party. Though you might want to freshen up or get some shots done, do not let your guests wait for you too long. Also, instruct people who will offer the toasts to keep it simple. Nobody will like to sit through dragging speeches.

Your reception is your first party as husband and wife. Make it count by planning it well. Make fun the top priority.


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