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Love is in the air, and you’re finally ready to exchange your “I dos.” With a wedding happening soon, you’d want to make the most out of the experience. Since a wedding is a special event, you’d want to ensure to make it extra memorable. But how?

You may already have called in the best local wedding photographer from Salt Lake City to capture the wedding. With your budget all set and the names of your entourage and number of the guests ready for the event, what else can you do to make it one unforgettable wedding?

Think of wedding favors your guest won’t toss in the bin

Common wedding favors can be cheesy and all, but they almost always end up in the trash. The reason is that most couples fail to realize that not all guests are willing to put your wedding memorabilia on display in their homes. If you choose one that they won’t find useful, chances are that you’ll only be wasting money on nothing. So put your creative hat on. Think of wedding favors that they will find useful. Go for customized products that can be a great conversation starter.

Dedicate, not toss the bouquet

For most weddings, brides almost always toss their bouquets. However, some single ladies find such a tradition an embarrassing moment at weddings. If you feel like your friends won’t appreciate you forcing them to line up just to catch your bouquet, then you can opt to dedicate this instead. This way, you’re breaking a tradition because of a good cause. Dedicate it to someone who has influenced your life. It can be your sister, your mom, grandmother, or even a friend who has made a significant impact on your life.

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Make an effort to welcome your guests

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding your wedding to your local state or somewhere exotic. Your guests are a big part of your wedding as they are coming to witness this momentous occasion. So make sure to give them a warm and sincere welcome. Send them a note, welcoming them after their arrival. You can opt to provide them free mass transport to take them to the venue. Serving light snacks and drinks before the ceremony is also an excellent way to keep them busy while waiting for the wedding to start.

Keep your guests entertained

It is your wedding, which means that you deserve to be happy on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. However, don’t forget that your guests have made time and put in the effort to attend your wedding despite their busy schedules. So make sure that they also have a great time. Aside from great food, awesome drinks, live music, and useful party favors, give them a treat that they won’t forget. You can plan a fun surprise. If you have wedding guests coming with their little ones, you can hire babysitters who will keep them company so that their parents will have time to actually have fun.

Weddings are a way for couples to celebrate their love and partnership. While such an event is dedicated to the couple, it is important to remember that you have invited guests for a reason. There is nothing wrong with making this day a memorable day for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. However, don’t forget about your guests. You can make it extra memorable not only for you but all of those who will witness the even with this list.

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