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Being thirteen is the first step into the world of adolescence for many children. Celebrating this occasion could be a bit tricky. Your teen may not want to have a traditional party. But with the right concept, he may have fun. There are many ideas for hosting a teen’s birthday party. But having a camping theme is a grear one. It is easy to execute and has loads of enjoyment in store.

Great Accessories

Say goodbye to party hats. Instead, guests could be given neck bandanas and paracord bracelets to wear. These bracelets are excellent souvenirs for active young teenagers, and you can buy paracord in bulk. You can later make these bracelets with your teenager to personalize the souvenirs. Bandanas and bracelets are very functional and very stylish at the same time.

The Perfect Location

No need to go far and prepare too much. Your background is the perfect party location. You could set up sleeping bags and tents with pillows to complete the effect. Foldable picnic tables and chairs are the best options for the meal part. You could pack them away as soon as guests are done with them. There will be no more worry about designing a certain venue. Also, you would’nt have to clean up the house for the guests. Let the outdoors be the backdrop for your teen’s birthday party. Part of the appeal is the unstructured space where everybody could move. Teens are a dynamic bunch of people and they love open areas.

Light Snacks and Finger Foods

The menu is another thing that you do not have to fuss over. There is a wide array of selections for your teen and his guests to enjoy. Light snacks could include pizza, mac and cheese, chili, and grilled hotdogs. They could also choose from finger foods such as trail and mix, s’mores, and campfire cones. Beverages can come in mason jars filled with ice-cold lemonades. If the party extends through the night, you could always put fish with fennel in a foil. Then, grill it over the bonfire.

Friends camping eating food concept

Activities to Enjoy

The most fun part is to get involved with the activities of the party. Of course, a bonfire must be lit. You could have the group assemble the logs and start the fire. Let the celebrant and the guests gather around it. They could share conversations or let good music flow. Campfire games are a good way to pass the time. For a more active and more mobile take, you could organize scavenger hunts. Group games that encourage camaraderie and enhance problem-solving skills are also advisable. Your teen “scouts” may also take interest in archery. If the sky is clear, the group could also do some stargazing. Of course, do not forget to take pictures while doing all these activities. Create a unique hashtag for everybody to use. This could make the celebration more memorable for your teen.

Having a party could still work for teens. You only have to find the perfect theme that will bring out the fun. All details should merge with this theme. Your teen’s friends would be amazed by the hard work and creativity it took to come up with one fun-filled event.

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