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If you are part of the population who have been feeling uneasy and restless at home due to the quarantine, you may be experiencing cabin fever. This is a normal occurrence for those who have been spending a lot of time in quarantine. To find solutions for this, you can opt to find appropriate hobbies that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Bored individuals have been resorting to several hobbies throughout the course of the quarantine period. From baking to working out, people have been exploring various ways to keep themselves preoccupied. If you are more of a visually creative person, there is good news for you. Photography is an easy hobby to pick up during the quarantine period, thanks to modern technology.

Given the restrictions of the pandemic, how can you get started with photography?

Getting into Photography

Before you get started, find out what tools you have that you can take advantage of in practicing photography. There are various types of photography that you can get into, but nowadays, the easiest type to get into is digital photography, including mobile phone photography.

In trying out digital photography, you can try taking photos of products such as rings and other jewelry. You can try different props when taking photos of accessories to bring out their beauty. After taking photos, you can also opt to find a retoucher for jewelry photos, especially if you are trying freelance photography work.

After exploring the various subject matter at home, you might still look for ways to develop your photography skills, given all the time you have on your hands. If you don’t have a professional digital camera, your smartphone’s camera is the easiest tool you can use. Despite being a “simpler” camera, there might still be techniques that you may have overlooked as you continue practicing this hobby.

When taking photos with your mobile phone, you can utilize the grid lines on the screen to balance out your composition. By doing so, you will follow the “rule of thirds” in composing images. Place your points of interest on one of the intersecting points on your screen to create a more balanced look.

Focus on your subjects in your compositions properly. With smartphones, it is easy to focus on subjects with just one tap, but some people tend to forget this setting’s importance. If you want your subject to stand out and look crisp, you must remember to tap on your screen before hitting the shutter button.

Make sure to utilize negative space to provide an area for your viewer’s eyes to rest on. The good use of negative space, such as in minimalist compositions, also provides dramatic images.

Your smartphone will have many advanced settings that you might not have known about before. Make sure to explore these settings so that you can maximize your learning experience in the realm of photography.

Besides being merely a hobby, learning photography can also be a good way to earn money as a side hustle. Hone your skills in this field of interest so that you can eventually book gigs that can somehow help you pay the bills.

Besides learning the basics of your smartphone settings, what are other things you can do to practice your photography skills?

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Photography Projects to Practice

While taking photos of objects around the house and composing them in various ways is a fun idea, there are also many more ways to view your home from a different lens. Check out different ways to take memorable photos that are not only Instagram-worthy but also worth keeping as printed photographs or even as a portfolio.

Since everyone is staying at home, instead of simply taking photos of objects, why not take photos of memories at home? Sometimes, even mundane experiences spent with the family can become fond memories to look back on in the future, especially given the special circumstances. Take photos of your usual dinner setup or even your mini birthday celebration at home. You won’t regret keeping these memories alive forever.

Try out abstract photography. In line with macro photography, where you take photos of tiny objects, you can change your perspective towards your different household objects to take interesting photos of everyday things. Some of these can be the wrinkles that your blanket makes in the morning or even the pattern on leaves in your garden.

There are many projects and ideas that you can try when it comes to photography. Trying these out can potentially help you cope with the stress of the current situation. This creative hobby will exercise your artistic eye, and you can even maximize the skills you will acquire by making a bit of side money from it. Photography, in whatever form, is a good way to document things around you. You need to take a closer look at what constitutes an interesting subject.

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