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Patronage for the arts has been present since time immemorial. An art patron back in the day was known to be the one who funded an art piece to be created. They were the force behind the creation of a painting or whatever piece of art the artist had been commissioned to create. They often dictated the cost, materials, and subject matter of the piece.

Nowadays, it is the age of art collecting. Collectors from all over the world always watch out for timeless art pieces and even fresh blood. Collecting art has been a pastime for many, and with the pandemic, it seems that art collecting has been experiencing a boom.

Collectors often store and display their acquired art pieces in their homes. They prefer to create a sort of personal gallery where they can view the pieces at their own time. The question is: how does one match an art collection to their home interior?

The Basics

When creating a home gallery, it is important to note that your interior can either make or break your personal display.

Whether you are fond of collecting paintings or sculptures, your walls will play a great role in complementing the featured art pieces. Depending on the type of art you collect, there are types of walls that can ideally match your taste in art. Perhaps for more classic artwork, a rustic barnwood shiplap wall will match your pieces. For more modern works, maybe a sleek off-white wall will suffice.

Flooring is also one of the factors to consider. Like in any decor, each element of your room should complement and enhance your accessories. If you have the resources, you can have your space renovated—if you are fully invested in art collecting and displaying the works in your home. You could also opt for a fine carpet to match your art collection so that you can avoid major room reconstruction.

If you have been to physical galleries before the pandemic, you will notice another factor that is the most important: room lighting. Each art piece is different. You may have to install new or additional lights in your room to enhance the beauty and unique characteristics of each art piece.

Your furniture will also add personality to your art collection. In your viewing room, you want the viewers to feel comfortable while admiring the art pieces. You can do this by finding comfortable pieces of furniture with styles that will match and complement your taste in art.

Displaying art in your home is the easy part of art collecting. Maintaining the pieces, on the other hand, is a big responsibility. Look for art conservationists who can help you preserve your art collection properly so that the artwork and your investment won’t go to waste.

Art Collecting During the Pandemic

People have been staying home for almost a year now. As observed by the art market, this has allowed seasoned art collectors, as well as new ones, to think about art that they want on their walls. Despite the restrictions during the pandemic, it seems that art collecting is not going anywhere anytime soon.

artwork hanged on the wall

Becoming an Art Collector

Collecting art is not easy on the budget. If you are a beginner art collector, here are ways to find good artwork at good prices.

Watch out for virtual art fairs by your local galleries. Art fairs often offer artwork at much cheaper prices, so if you are only starting out, it may be a less intimidating venture for you.

Everything is online nowadays. Before the pandemic, gallery hopping used to be a thing. Now that most galleries have shifted virtually, you can still gallery hop through their online sites for available pieces.

Art schools also offer student works now and then. Given that these works are still student-level (yet could be professional-looking), these may also have student price tags. Apart from getting low prices, it is also a good way to support your local artists.

During the pandemic, while everyone is staying home, take this time to familiarize yourself with your local art scene and the art market. You might have just found your next hobby.

Art collecting is a good way to immerse oneself in the arts and culture of your local landscape. Immersing in the arts is good for the soul. It allows one to have a more open mind regarding new ideas and experiments. The world needs more open-minded individuals who are not afraid to explore new concepts to keep the world moving forward.

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