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Diamonds are definitely one of the most precious stones anyone could ever own. They are deemed to be a girl’s best friend, and for good reason — because they are versatile and can be used in many different ways.

If you have inherited or accidentally stumbled upon an old piece of diamond that you have no idea how to use or repurpose it, then you have definitely come to the right place. Below, we will give you a few tips on how you can use that old piece of diamond and why you should get high-end diamond retouching right away.

Turn it into a Ring

What better way to use a chunk of diamond than to turn it into a good old ring? If you are a true blue jewelry enthusiast, then you would agree if we say that there is no such thing as too many rings. If you own a bigger diamond, then you have the chance and the freedom to create a ring with a much more elaborate design. You can wear this on special occasions or when you just feel like being fancy and all. If you want a more everyday kind of ring, though, then you would want to tell the jeweller to design a smaller and more casual one.

Try an Heirloom Bracelet


If you have quite a few pieces of diamonds on hand, then you might want to turn it into a bracelet instead. Smaller diamonds will most likely fit this category, especially if they are broken down into many pieces. You can ask the jeweller to create a bangle bracelet out of it, or even a delicate chain studded with diamonds that dangles from the band. You can even ask them to mold the diamonds into something special — something that would commemorate a special memory for you.

Turning it into a Pin

Are you the brooch or pin-type? If so, then you’ll most likely want to turn your diamond into a simple pin that you can use for special occasions. These are versatile, too, as you can use them basically on anything like your T-shirt, blouse, blazer, or even a sweater. Ask the jeweler if they can mold it into one of your favorite symbols — perhaps something abstract such as a bird, flower,  or basically anything that would remind you of something special to you.

Make a Necklace Out of It

Again, if you have smaller pieces of diamonds, then you can turn it into a necklace. Wearing it on your neck will help you showcase the old diamonds that you never thought you’d even use. You can choose white gold, platinum, or even yellow gold to be the band, and then have the diamond as the pendant. It will look good on any kind of metal but you should also consider which one will look best on your skin tone or complexion.

Diamonds are definitely precious and should be taken care of. Make sure to place it somewhere safe after getting it done by the jeweller and have it cleaned every once in a while. Enjoy your new set and may you get the most out of your diamonds!

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