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It is high time for brands to embrace video marketing to compete effectively. This is because video consumption by users is higher than any other form of content and shows no indications of slowing down. Hence, the number of marketers using video as a marketing tool has increased by 41% since 2016. The sooner a brand transitions from traditional marketing techniques to digital ones, such as video content, the greater the chance of engaging and converting its visitors.

Brands that produce custom valuable material stand a better chance than those who create just for the sake of it or to keep up with the trends. Since it is about gaining trust and persuading the audience to purchase products or services, video content must be done correctly.

Additionally, a lot of money goes into corporate film production services, implementing the right video marketing strategies. Let me show how major brands are effectively leveraging video content varieties.

Different types of video content for brands

Branded video content isn’t just a momentary craze that bloggers and influencers promote for a fee. The brand creates branded videos to communicate the company’s value while indirectly advertising itself. It’s about building a connection rather than self-promotion.

The goal is to attract and engage consumers through story-telling, tutorials, product testimonials, and other means. When the user is intrigued, the next step is to wait for them to convert. Take a look at the many types of video marketing content that brands are focused on.

Brand film

A brand film is a 1–3-minute video clip that businesses use to communicate their brand, values, vision, and goal to targeted users. They have the most impact since they are in audio-visual format. A Brand Film aims to increase sales, build brand reputation, and engage the audience personally than typical advertising.

Brand videos are designed to be brief, precise, and one-of-a-kind to be shared. The aim here is not for the video to become viral but for it to be shared as many times as possible to attract consumers organically and enhance brand awareness through word of mouth.

Company culture

Customers should not think that the brand is unreachable or that there is some intelligence behind it. To ensure that such films are produced to give a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. It can be anything from pranks to celebrations to bloopers. The Company Culture clips are once again short yet entertaining to entice people to interact. Such humanization of the brand brings in more customers, and the company’s aim is once again met. In a nutshell, Company Culture films establish a strong relationship with customers.

Product videos

taking video of a food

What better method to convince a user of the benefits of a product or service than to demonstrate them? These are the most effective branded video content since buyers don’t have to take your word for it because they can see it for themselves. Brands first pinpoint the pain point of the customers and then offer a solution. Product videos quickly deliver a great deal of information by engaging viewers and showcasing unique selling points. This way, users are lured into buying the product even if they didn’t have a reason before since the pain point provides one now.


Testimonials are the most effective branded video content for achieving many objectives. It builds goodwill and showcases the product’s characteristics and unique selling points by someone who is not a part of the company. Because it is a genuine review from a genuine client/customer, it becomes a social kind of brand evidence.

Potential consumers see how others have benefited from the brand’s products/services and are inspired to try themselves. Additionally, because testimonials originate from a reputable source, their effectiveness in boosting sales is unmatched.

Case study

People often think testimonials and case studies are the same, which is incorrect. Case studies, on the other hand, are far more extensive since they cover particular usage stories.  It tells the story of how a brand’s product or service benefited a real-life consumer. It is a different sort of promotion in which the outstanding product functionality is explained in the light of an issue that other people may be experiencing in actual life. Case studies become even more successful when they include real-world facts and relatable examples.

The power of video marketing is praiseworthy. If it isn’t in the spotlight of the brand’s marketing plan, it’s time to consider it to reap its true potentials seriously. After all, branded video marketing is about informing and connecting people while alluring them to the business, not just raising awareness and self-promotion. Viewers are sure to convert eventually, and so the selling aim is fulfilled indirectly.

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