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Companies now invest in some of the most elaborate marketing campaigns to get their brands in front of the right audiences. They, however, forget that all their campaign efforts lead up to their retail stores. In as much as you will invest in the best marketing campaigns outside your stores, you should continue marketing after getting clients through your store’s doors.

Marketing in your retail store will mainly comprise the right displays around different sections in your store. Branded promotional merchandise for your customer care attendants and other people working with clients is only part of the display of your brand in the retail store.

You should also invest in exceptional point of purchase {POP} displays. These denote marketing materials that will be displayed in strategic store locations. The locations in this instance are near checkout aisles and high-trafficked areas.

The primary purpose of using POP displays is to increase brand awareness and impulse buying. The following are the types of POP displays in retail marketing.

Floor Displays

These are freestanding units that you can place anywhere on your retail floor. Floor displays feature striking graphics and other design elements that make them eye-catchy and prominent. They come in several sizes and shapes and can also be customised to meet your marketing objectives and fit your store layout.

The typical types of floor displays include shelves, peg hooks, and case stackers. Shelves suffice for boxed goods and uniformly-shaped products while peg hooks can be used to hang gift cards and tabs. Case stackers are meant for stacking big bulky items like beer and soda cases.

Countertop Displays

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These are portable displays that will rest on flat surfaces like checkout counters and tabletops. They are meant for the promotion of low-priced stock, last-second items and small merchandise. When aiming for success in countertop displays, opt for clearance items and universally appealing items like gum, hand sanitiser and sweets,

Pallet Displays

These are more or fewer floor displays that will sit on wooden pallets and are sturdier compared to conventional floor displays. The pallet displays are generally fully assembled then shipped with the retail product to minimise your logistics coordination.

Pallet displays are ideally used in large retail stores since they require considerable floor space. They are also used for among high-volume products since the products are visible and accessible from all the sides of the pallet.

End Cap Displays

These are positioned at the ends of your aisles to guarantee maximum visibility and high conversion of customers. The end cap displays feature no precise design but should have a wide appeal. They are used for the promotion of seasonal items like back-to-school items or fans in summer.

To guarantee people get to the end of your aisles and see the products on display in the end cap displays, you can offer free sampling activities.

The above POP displays are guaranteed to increase your sales and profits significantly. You nonetheless should get them from a supplier that is well-versed in the creation of the best products. This way, you are sure the displays will paint the products in the best possible light and meet your marketing objectives.

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