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How many seconds does it take to bend a knee and ask someone to marry you?

It takes about four seconds. So how do you capture such a brief yet a priceless moment that takes roughly 4.4 months of preparation? This project will not be easy. And should your videographer miss her reaction, a second take will defeat the whole point of this romantic video.

A skilled photographer and videographer for the job is the smartest thing you can do if you want to document your surprise engagement proposal. But that’s only the beginning. Once you’ve formed a team, do your part, which includes helping your video and photo ninjas find a well-lit and unobstructed view of their subjects.

Form a team of video ninjas

Photographers admit that shooting a surprise engagement proposal is tough work. So whether you’re getting your friends or hiring a team from a wedding videography company, you need to get people who are up for the challenge of orchestrating the smoothest proposal possible, and the best documentation possible.

This is because there will be a lot of collaboration and coordination involved.

Collaboration: are you ready to be a stealth groom-to-be?

You may be thinking, your only concern as the would-be groom is to create a romantic moment. And getting wedding album-worthy shots is solely your video ninjas’ problem. But the people who are going to film the whole scene need help, too. Your proposal video needs: good lighting, an unobstructed view, and a better angle. Take time to discuss with them how you can help with these elements.

Visit the location for your wedding proposal at the exact time of day you intend to pop the question. Go through the whole plan with your video ninjas:

    • Where will they hide? Will they be moving from one spot to another spot?
    • Where will you walk, slow down, pause, and stop?
    • How can you move and lead your girlfriend in such a way that will not obstruct key moments that need to be captured?
    • For example, if you’re taking your girl for a stroll in the park, familiarize yourself with where you’ll be walking. Don’t pause in a spot where it’s dark, or where a tree blocks your videographer’s view. Instead, walk under good natural light and face toward the direction you’ve agreed on.

man proposing to his girlfriend in the street

When you finally arrive at that crucial spot,where you’ll kneel and ask the question, be sure of the following: great light, zero obstruction, and great angle. Then take a deep breath, speak from your heart, and enjoy the moment.

Coordination: move as one

Keep the script natural yet seamless. Have a detailed plan and let everyone know each step of the plan even if it’s not their responsibility. This way, it’s easier to guess what could be causing some delay or glitches. Assume that something could go wrong.

Update or have someone constantly and promptly update your videographers to avoid unnecessary surprises.

A wedding proposal is an awesome story you don’t have to tell but instead show. That’s why you don’t have to capture it alone. With collaboration and coordination, you can successfully capture that moment when your soul mate agreed to spend the rest of his or her life with you.

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