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When you’re planning your space, it’s important to think about your ultimate goals. If you’re a beginner, the idea of making decisions about color and design may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be very textbookish about it- you want something that works for you, so if you encounter an unorthodox method that you enjoy, go for it.

However, having a guide to help you doesn’t hurt, so here are some ways you can make use of colors to enhance the appeal of your home.

Colors Can Create a Centerpiece

Gain a sense of space by designing your home with a focal point. A beautiful focal point creates an impression of spaciousness, even in small spaces. If you can’t make a statement in your bedroom, consider painting a wall in one solid color, or at least a stripe of a different color to create an interesting focal point. You can also use contrasting colors to create drama, but don’t overdo it. Consider using an accent wall in a smaller space, or a bold rug. Contrasting colors can be very dramatic, but not too dramatic.

Primary Colors are Always Sure to Work

Use primary colors to their full advantage. The use of primary colors is never a good idea if you’re just doing them on your own. It’s the combination that’s key Whether you’re using primary hues on your own or blending them with other colors, think about what you want to emphasize and whether the colors make a design statement or fit into the overall look.

Use a color wheel to help you decide on your color palette. Stick with a simple color wheel that you can use to help you choose colors for your spaces. It helps to be organized in your thinking, but you can also like to play with color. The key is finding colors that have a harmonious relationship. Look for a balance between warm and cool colors.

Monochrome isn’t Boring

Another way to break the color wheel is to design in shades of one hue. A monochromatic palette is so strong because it tells the eye what to do, rather than asking it to interpret the hue. For a modern apartment, you can use a very strong blue. One of the great things about blue is that it is so calming. Think about a blue wall—it helps to create a sense of tranquility and calmness. Alternatively, using red or yellow hues can give an awakening effect, making you feel more energetic and awake.

rustic room design

Thematic Colors for Thematic Spaces

If you’re one to create themes for your room, instead of going just for theme, include the colors too. This makes designing the room around a theme or a genre easier. Say, if you want a rustic feel for your room, using muted earthy colors will help, other than getting Barnwood store items will help a lot. Think of the genre or theme you’re going for and think what color best represents that- and go for that color.

Neutral Colors Work Great with Everything

Focused, neutral color palettes work in every room. The same neutrals appear in kitchens, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Neutral palettes also make a room appear larger. In general, the more neutral the color, the more sophisticated the design. This is especially true of bedrooms. As you might already know, light and neutral colors help with relaxation in a bedroom. The same goes for rooms in general. A soft, clean, and peaceful color palette is often the most inviting.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Light

Lighting up your space is one of the most important aspects that go along with the color of your room. As much as you might like to create a dramatic effect, you must keep in mind that you will illuminate a space with lighting. Make sure that you select a light source that suits your design and can provide a soft, flattering light. For example, if you want a more dramatic look, a table lamp with a dimmer and a ceiling light fixture are a great option.

The shape of a room can influence the lighting as well. For example, a room with a square or rectangle shape will require more lighting than a room with a more rounded or angled shape. Make sure that the lighting is the right size and shape to fit your space.

A home is a complex thing, and in this day and age, so is the color scheme for it. People are so used to the idea of buying things for their homes; they don’t even realize they should also think of color. Choosing the right color combination for your space can make or break a whole room.

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