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These days, there’s no longer wedding seasons, but rather, continuous wedding events throughout the year. And if you’ve been invited to several weddings, finding the perfect gift on top of buying the right outfit for each one, can be a little overwhelming. If you’re not exactly a wiz at buying wedding gifts, this quick guide will help you find the most affordable, and easiest gifts to buy for your next wedding obligation. You can take advantage of printing services, affordable home decor stores, and even social media if you really can’t find the perfect gift.

Go to a printing service in Utah

As cliche as it may seem, there’s really no denying how great a framed photo is when given as a wedding gift. You can find the most memorable photo of the bride and groom, and have this professionally printed and framed, ready for their future life as a married couple. There are great printing services in Utah that can get this done for you. All you need to do is pick it up and wrap it, and you have a great, sentimental wedding gift.

Get a compilation of photos on social media and have these printed

You barely see people creating photo albums with social media acting as the perfect platform to store your photos. But there’s something nostalgic and wonderful about having your own photo album at home. This is another great and easy gift idea. You can download a great collection of photos from social media (that wouldn’t have ever been printed in another circumstance) and put them together in a photo album for the newlyweds. This is easy and affordable, and you’ll have a great time looking back at your old memories.

Go to a home decor or department store

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What’s great about a home decor store or a department store is that you can find the most random, and sometimes, even the funniest items for the bride and the groom. This can be matching robes, pillows, toothbrushes, dishes, or slippers. You can choose to get something handy in the kitchen, such as a great set of kitchen knives, glasses, and mugs, and even a recipe book if you know that the newlyweds are fond of cooking (or should be learning to cook). The possibilities are endless at a department store or a home decor store.

Buy them liquor

If you can’t find something personalized to give them, then a great bottle of wine or whiskey can do the trick. This isn’t something that they may personally enjoy. But there will always be a day when they will need a bottle of good wine or liquor. And they will definitely remember you when that day comes.

If you’re not the type of person who’s good at giving gifts, you don’t have to worry too much about what gift you will buy for the newlyweds. These gift ideas are easy to do and do not cost too much. Just don’t forget to add a nice card to wish the newlyweds the best and tell them who the gift is from.

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