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As a homeowner, there is a lot to keep up with when it comes to home maintenance. You may not even realize you need to manage some of these things until it’s too late and you’ve started to find issues. Hopefully, this checklist of the different types of maintenance will help you become home maintenance experts so that you can reduce the long-term damage to your home and save money over time. Keep reading to see what you need to inspect this year to protect your property.

Discuss if You Need Repairs for Your Asphalt

The asphalt in your driveway and on your property will start to crack over time, and there can be signs of breaking down. Home maintenance experts know that this is the time to reach out to an asphalt repair company and have them come and do a quote on the repair and damage. The first thing you will notice is the visible grooves and the cracks from the vehicles being driven through on the same path and worn down the asphalt. You will even notice a color change that has developed from the sun and natural wear and tear.

Sometimes, the signs of asphalt repair aren’t as visible for some homes. The issue may be a drainage problem, and upon further inspection, some of the asphalt has likely broken off on the bottom layer and clogged a drain. While this can be a quick fix for the drainage, the asphalt’s foundation is breaking down and will need to be replaced despite looking like it’s in good condition.

Compare Pricing Between Asphalt and Concrete

Before you decide to go through with another asphalt project, you want first to consider the pricing options between asphalt and concrete, as experienced home experts would do. Depending on the size of the project and what needs to be replaced, you should still reach out to concrete contractors to see what they offer as a price quote for the same place. Generally, asphalt is cheaper than concrete, but that doesn’t mean it will last as long. Depending on the budget and the type of asphalt you want, it may be worth it for you to go with the cheaper option.

Cost is not the only factor to consider when choosing between asphalt and concrete. It would be best to consider the types of asphalt and concrete you’re pouring. Some of the types are better quality or may be recycled products that cost less but have good features. Another factor to consider is the amount of traffic you get regularly on your driveway. If it is just your family or you spend a lot of time entertaining others, you may want something stronger and will last a lot longer.

Consider Installing a New Metal Roof

Home maintenance experts are aware of the growing trends surrounding metal roofs. They can be more affordable than some of the more traditional roofs of homes and they are extremely durable. Climates with extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum are not a problem for these metal roofs. Most roofing contractors have gone into metal roofing services, offering a variety of options and metals for their customers to consider.

While tin and aluminum are at the top for the most popular types of metal, you can also opt for copper and lead, as they are all lightweight and durable. Aluminum and tin tend to bend a little in windstorms, but they can be repaired quickly and have minimal damage. All the metal options also have long life spans, which can last 20 – 30 years if inspected regularly. There isn’t a need to have shingles replaced periodically from wind blowing them away or being damaged by the sun. Having them installed is the biggest expense, with little to no maintenance over the years until it is time to replace them again. Some homeowners find the noise from the rain and weather distracting, while others find it calming.

Assess Your HVAC System Regularly

The HVAC system is vital to the functioning of your home and is one of the first things home maintenance experts learn right away. This system will manage the cooling and heating of your home if you have central heat and air. This system is almost always equipped with vents blowing into each room so the house can be maintained regularly. Because the air is centralized through this system, it will naturally dehumidify a good portion of the air as it goes through the home. It is also responsible for filtering it through and removing unwanted dirt and debris in the home.

If you notice that your home is getting clammy and the system isn’t coming on, then it’s time to contact local AC repair services to see what is wrong with the system and get it back in working condition. Experts know that this system should be checked at least once a year so that any issues that may be developing can be found early on and you aren’t forced to have an AC emergency later on when the weather has warmed up.

Rent a Portable Dumpster During Home Updates

When you ride by homes being renovated, you’ll likely see the large dumpsters out front collecting the trash from the project. Home maintenance experts understand this is vital to home remodeling and updating to invest in a portable dumpster service. These dumpsters allow you to have a central location to toss out any wood, paper, appliances, and anything else that needs to go from the house. It allows you to have a lot of space for collecting trash so you can do multiple projects at once. These dumpsters will be delivered on your requested date, and you can schedule a pick-up when you’ve finished your project.

Without a dumpster, homeowners would pile this up in their homes or outside on the lawn. This looks terrible, but the build-up can attract unwanted pests to the area and cause the trash to blow around. This is unwanted litter, and you can get in big trouble because of these things getting in other yards and the highway. You could even be liable for damages if this trash blows around during a storm or causes an accident when getting on the road. Getting a dumpster serves a good purpose all the way around. Just make sure you put it in your driveway so that you don’t kill your lawn while you rent the dumpster for weeks at a time.

Hire Experts to Seed Your Lawn Each Year

Home maintenance experts know when to maintain the lawn, so it is best to consult the lawn experts for yard seeding. You may have areas of grass that die off and are a little harder to grow on your own. With the help of lawn experts, you can get the benefits of yard seeding, like hydroseeding or sod, so that your grass grows thick and will have a smaller chance of dying off.

It is also a good idea to have these lawn experts tell you what type of grass is right for your lawn and environment. Some areas have grass that does good, and other types that do well. Mild climates have grass options to choose from, but if you have some of the more particular climates, you may be limited to the grass you can grow. Also, some grass grows well when it’s warm, and others are cold-season grass. If you want to grow grass year-round, you’ll need the experts to let you know what grass to plant in the spring and in the fall for the upcoming seasons.

Clean Your Drains Periodically

some areas of your home need annual maintenance from just time, and home maintenance experts know that means the drain system. Pipes can burst over time due to weather, and other things can cause them to be damaged, which can cause unwanted leaks. There are also the concerns of blockages in pipes, causing water to back up into your home and not drain properly. You can find these issues at any point of the year, and in any home, no matter how old or new.

As a home maintenance expert, it is a good idea to have annual drain cleaning services done on your home so that you know your pipes are working properly and discover any system issues. Plumbing technicians will come out and run cameras and large drain snakes through your pipe system to ensure it is working and locate any blockage you may have. With the cameras, they can also see the pipes throughout the system and see if cracks and leaks are happening that could be causing other underlying issues within the home.

Investigate Your Home for Mold

One of the biggest concerns for home maintenance experts is mold, checking for it, and finding spores if it’s discovered in the home. Mold can be anywhere in the home, starting from the roof, in the walls, and even in the foundation of the home. If there are any known leaks, roof damage, or foundation damage on the home in the last few years, it is vital to check those areas first for mold. Once water gets into these areas and it doesn’t dry out, it will create a breeding ground for mold.

Mold specialist services will come into the home and look for the initial signs of mold. If there is a severe mold problem, there will be signs of fuzzy patches of slime in areas of the home that are visible. By that point, the mold is severe and the spores will need to be removed by renovation to get the mold out of the house. Having these specialists come in regularly, however, allows them to check into different areas of the home where it’s dark and hardly any light and look for small signs. If mold is discovered, it will need to be removed soon, as it can be harmful to your family’s health.

Check on Your Well Pump

Because the well pump is outside, it is easy to forget about it until something goes wrong with the water. Home maintenance experts know these pumps need to be serviced every few years, as they have more exposure to the elements, and the lines for the well need to be maintained. These well pump services are not DIY types, and you should contact experts if you think there is an issue or want to have an inspection.

Well, pumps can be damaged by wild animals or pests getting into the lines or digging holes around the pump. If there is an issue with the water coming through your tap, such as the pressure or the color, you need someone to check the water line and see if the well needs to be dug deeper or needs a new pump. Finally, there is the issue of the pressure switch. This wears out quicker than other parts, but it needs an inspection before it’s replaced.

Think About Downsizing in the Future

Home maintenance can be a lot to keep up with, even with home maintenance experts, so many are switching to smaller homes and responsibilities. Condo websites offer large enough spaces for small families to live, but the shared walls and pump lines mean that the homeowner has little maintenance responsibility. Condo owners usually pay for a master HOA plan with an insurance policy for the shared areas. If you want to make your responsibility less as a homeowner, you might want to consider the benefits of owning a condo.

You’re On Your Way

Once you go through this checklist, you’ll be well on your way to being one of the best home maintenance experts. A couple of years of going through this will help you establish a routine and stay ahead of different things in your home. This is an especially important list if you decide that you want to invest in multiple properties to rent or have a second home in another location in the future.



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