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Going to the dentist can frighten adults, so it’s understandable that children may also be afraid of a visit to the dentist. This YouTube video presents a good way for children to learn what happens at a dental visit. The narrator presents a clear, simple explanation of each step of the visit.

To help get your children ready for a dental visit, begin by reading stories where the characters go to the dentist. Let them color a picture of an anatomical drawing of a tooth.

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Praise your children when they brush or floss each day, and remind them that healthy teeth are part of a healthy body.

You can encourage your kids to “play dentist” at home by “checking the teeth” of their dolls or stuffed animals. When telling your child what to expect at the dentist, let them know what they will see – including the drills and instruments. Explain how loud the drill might sound and how the dentist will place fingers and instruments inside their mouths.

When your child gets ready for a dental appointment, you can let them bring a favorite toy for comfort. When in the dentist’s waiting room, you can help your child relax by playing “I Spy.” Let them ask any questions they might have, and praise them after the visit for making a healthy choice.


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