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Published: June 20, 2010 9:54 PM EST
By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

New Music Spotlight
June 2010 Edition


Music Now Artist/Band Spotlight Weekly Series




The Hip/Hop poetic mastermind of Merksmilez serves as a great example of how the Hip/Hop industry is growing. Merksmilez weaves masterful tales with his skillful flows that easily showcase the enormous talents of this young artist. In this recent spotlight with our Webzine, Merksmilez sounds off about his music and what fans can look forward to from him in the near future.

Isaac: Letís get started with this interview. When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?

Merksmilez: Iíve been interested in music since when I was young and my mom would play her records. I just love the sounds, melodies, emotions connecting me to the music. Iíve be playing instruments since 3rd grade and writing songs since 8th grade and doing hip-hop music seriously for the past 5 years.

Isaac: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences and why?

Merksmilez: Funny thing is my biggest musical influence has nothing to do with music, itís my Grandfather. He told me to be honest with myself when doing anything and represent who I am truthfully. Told me I was a dreamer, and that it takes hard work to make dreams come.

Isaac: What has been the greatest highpoint in your career so far?

Merksmilez: I feel like Iím at the highest point right now, honestly. This album is shaping up extremely well. I have the right people around me to assistant in the everlasting pursuit to the top. Iím in a good groove.

Isaac: What has been the greatest disappointment in your career so far? What did you learn from that experience?

Merksmilez: When I was getting ready for a show with information on the crowd thatís going to be there and picking songs for my set better suited for that crowd. Only to get there and see the crowd is different from the information and I only was prepared for that one type of crowd. The crowd gave me energy and liked the music. But I know if I did a different set it would have been more magical. From that, I come prepare for a number of different crowds.

Isaac: What draws you to want to play the type of music that you do?

Merksmilez: It is fun and watching how people relate and react to the music makes it worth so much more to me.

Isaac: What do you feel it takes to play this type of music that you play?

Merksmilez: Iíd have to say talent, creativity and intense work-ethic to become the most skilled creative Talent. It takes a love for the music to do it right.

Isaac: What do you think you will create that will make your performances and who you are stand out in the music industry?

Merksmilez: It would have to be a body of work that showcases me as one of the most skilled creative talents currently out.

Isaac: If you had the opportunity to do one cover, what cover would you do and why? How would you put your own spin on this cover?

Merksmilez: Thatís a good question, hmm well Iím going to step out of hip-hop and say Usherís ĎNice and Slow,í because that song is fun and at the same time smooth. To put my own spin on it, Iíd probably make it a bit more light hearted and fun with more bounce in the song energy, while keeping the smooth element of the song that makes it stand out to me.

Isaac: What does it take to be a good songwriter?

Merksmilez: I would say the ability to convey their passion and thoughts through their lyrics. Experiment lyrically and musically in their writing style to complement their unique strengths.

Isaac: How difficult is it to juggle music, family and work obligation, and life in general? Explain.

Merksmilez: Extremely, you may miss family events for music or vice versa. You could burn yourself at both ends going to work 9-5 and doing shows, going to the studio etc from 6pm-2am. Something is likely to suffer. In general, I believe you should enjoy your life and make time for yourself. Play video games with friends or basketball do something else other than music and relax. Then get right back to music etc.

Isaac: What is your definition of being an Indie artist/band?

Merksmilez: To me hands on everything! Learning everything! Grassroots development! In this Digital Era, an Indie Artist can appear to be a Major Artist/Band with the right development/Marketing Strategy/Presence. So Iíd Say Grassroots Development and Hands on Everything!

Isaac: Where can fans access your music online?



Isaac: In five yearsÖÖ.

Merksmilez: I will be pushing my talent and skills to the limitless limit, experimenting with new sounds and developing new artist.

Merksmilez's Sonicbids' EPK



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